Monday, 12 January 2015

Raspberry Pi training course for KS3 Science

In my days as a Science Technician, I used to go on training courses at the National Science Learning Centre in York, and they were always worth attending.

I've just spotted today that they are having a training course on using the Raspberry Pi in KS3 science. Open to Technicians, Teachers and Classroom Assistants.

I've often thought that one of the biggest difficulties in introducing the Raspberry Pi in to the classroom was making it accessible and having a good lesson plan to work through that was tried and tested, so this training course looks like just the ticket.

Details are here:

It does cost a lot of money BUT, you get the equipment to keep afterwards and as part of the ENTHUSE award, if you work in the state sector, you can apply to have the money refunded. More details on ENTHUSE can be found on the above website.

Details of the course:


The Raspberry Pi computer is taking the world by storm and this cheap computer has massive potential for bringing science learning to life.

Over two days, participants will learn how to setup their own Raspberry Pi for their department and explore how it can be used to created time-lapse / high speed video, inside and outside the classroom. All participants will leave with the equipment necessary to replicate the projects back in the classroom.

No prior knowledge of electronics or programming is required and pre-course programming tasks will be available to bring anyone who is a beginner to computing up to speed.

This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. Course fees vary for participants outside the UK. Please contact for more information.


You will be able to:
  • learn how to set up a Raspberry Pi in the classroom and connect basic electronic devices
  • develop an understanding of programming languages
  • gain experience in using the Raspberry Pi in science lessons
  • take away two practical projects and the equipment needed

I've been waiting for something like this for quite a while.

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