Friday, 16 January 2015

KS1 and KS2 ICT Resources

These resources were recently published in a computing supplement from TES. You need a TES account to download them but registration is free. There are loads of great resources available on the TES website for all subjects. it's well worth looking at if you are involved in teaching in any way.

Top 10 primary ICT resources:

Scratch scheme of work. A six week scheme to provide KS2 pupils with an introduction to Scratch.

Click the Scratch Cat to see what Scratch is all about. It's free.

Computing planning for the 2104 national curriculum. A set of whole-school termly plans covering a broad range of themes from digital media to e-safety.

Objectives and assessment for 2014 national curriculum. KS2 objectives including "I can" self-assessment sheets.

New curriculum 2014: primary computing. Activities and a guide for you to get to grips with the new curriculum.

KS1 E-safety. Six powerpoint lessons to engage pupils in the issues surrounding e-safety.

2014 curriculum planning ideas. Link computing skills to all aspects of the primary curriculum for Years 3 to 6.

Computing: Year 6. Scheme of work based around the theme of networks. Includes lesson plans and activities.

Computational thinking guide and progression pathways.

Algorithm cards. A sequencing activity that serves as a fun introduction for KS1 pupils to the concept of algorithms.

Flowol scheme of work. Introduce Flowol to your students. Flowol requires purchase.

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