Friday, 17 October 2014

Learning from Failure using Portal 2

As always, another engaging #ukedchat on Twitter last night. Every Thursday at 8pm GMT @ukedchat on Twitter holds a discussion relating to Education in the UK. It's worth looking at. If you're on Twitter, just click on the #ukedchat link at around 8pm on a Thursday and you'll be able to follow the discussions.

A storify of last night's chat on "Learning from Failure" can be found here:

Learning from Failure ukedchat storify

ICT plays an important role in learning from failure. One tool I've used in the past has been the game Portal 2. Freely available through steam for education here:

Using a game design platform, you can teach students about design, then reflecting on their design and learning from mistakes to improve the next stage. It's a nice 360 degree review process. If you encourage growth through failure with this reflective process then you can make the most out of failure.

I created a short video here to introduce Portal 2 game design.

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