Thursday, 16 October 2014

ICT and BYOD classroom resources

I just thought I’d share a few links to new resources I’ve found this half term relating to ICT / BYOD. Some resources will be useful for more than one subject. For subjects I’ve missed out I’ll keep an eye out and hopefully post some ideas next half term.

Use Twitter to create short stories:

Word cloud creator for creating displays with words:

Use word clouds to show famous speeches from historical figures:

Google maps gallery - explore thousands of google maps overlays including earthquakes, demographics and historical maps.

Quandary is a free, award-winning game that engages students in ethical decision-making and develops skills that will help them recognize ethical issues and deal with challenging situations in their own lives.

Junior ICT
Scratch Junior is now available on the iPad:
By snapping together graphical programming blocks, children can make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. In the process, children learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively.

Economics and Business:
MobLab is a new way of teaching abstract concepts in economics, political science, business, psychology and more.

Gapminder World shows the World’s most important trends

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