Monday, 13 October 2014

Hello World

Blogging. Never before has so much been written by so many and yet read by so few.

I'm afraid I'm adding to the cloud today but I give no apology. This is really a journal to help me keep track of the many links, apps, ideas, websites, problems and solutions I see everyday in my role as an ICT Technician in an educational establishment in the UK. If you find it helpful (and I hope you do) then all the better.

This blog was inspired by the late great which is worth a read through. I find myself in a bit of a thankless role. People only normally need my help if there is a problem or something is wrong. The problem is that ICT in schools these days can be so vast and overwhelming that you need someone, somewhere to give you a bit of a hand. If they've got a smile on their face it often helps. It's a tough world out there... so lets get cracking.

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